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My mom’s yarn stash

It used to seem like my mom collected yarn the way a cat collects fleas. Ok, ok, maybe that’s overstating it a little bit, but let’s just say she bought a lot of yarn.

She would buy it and put it all in giant Rubber Made boxes. We now have 5 of these. She is the type of knitter who will buy yarn just because it’s pretty and it might come in handy some day. I always thought that she was a bit crazy. I am the type of knitter who buys a specific amount of yarn for a specific project and only if I am sure that I will actually make said project. It is, however, kind of nice to have all this yarn lying around that I can use if I ever feel so inclined, so I suppose I have my mom to thank for garments I made using yarn from her stash. Well, she says that I should thank her for collecting all of those fleas – oops – I mean all that yarn.

But, I say that I shouldn’t because if the yarn wasn’t lying around I wouldn’t use it and I would be perfectly happy with my own way of purchasing yarn… It’s complicated.


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