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I also used to make Waldorf cloth dolls (dolls that were supposed to be humans instead of mythical creatures) with kits from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls. I was in the middle of working on them when I stopped because I had the attention span of a gnat and the doll was taking too long. : )

I really need to finish them sometime, sigh. The little one looks like it had an encounter with Sweeny Todd.

Once I started knitting I tried to make/design a knitted doll. I made it out of cheap acrylic yarn because I wasn’t sure that it would look like anything when it was done, and I didn’t want to waste any really nice yarn. I knitted the legs, arms, and the body as tubes that I sewed together at each end, and I knitted a ball for the head. I stuffed it and embroidered a face. I definitely wasn’t proud of it.

I never got around to putting any hair on it because my cat seemed to think that it was a perfect toy. She had a lot of fun trying to tear the stuffing out of it and scratching at the doll’s eyes and mouth. My brother’s cat had kittens, and they seemed to share my cat’s sentiments when it came to the doll. The poor thing has survived two generations of abuse and torture. So, by now it’s very beaten up and raggedy, but because of how ugly is, it really doesn’t look that much worse now than it did when I first made it.

Beats the heck out of Pet Smart, though! I’d love to hear about your doll projects. Has anyone else tanked when trying to make a toy from scratch? : )


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