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Rosa Skullcap Pattern

In February my aunt, Jennifer helped out at my photo shoot for a bunch of my new hats, gloves, and things. It was cold and she held up Mom’s super fancy light reflector (the top to a Rubbermaid storage box) while we tried to get the right light to show off the beads on the hats. As kind of a “thank you” for helping I made her the Rosa Skullcap in one of her favorite colors – Lime Green… really bright lime green.

Here it is in the middle of being knitted. I worked it on a long circular needle using Magic Loop and then when there were enough stitches, I slipped the stitches to a 16″ circular to work the lace stitch.

We gave it to her for her birthday when we were driving to Staunton for my cousin’s wedding. We were in the drivethrough line at McDonald’s getting breakfast and my aunt was in the car following us, and my mom made me get out of the car to take the hat to Jennifer. It was all great fun. After we gave the hat to her we realized that we needed to photograph it, so we made her give it back for the photo shoot in March. Here it is finished and photographed…

Now I really ought to tell you how it’s made. It’s similar to my Francis Beret pattern in that it is knit from the top down in a lattice st (I’m really fond of this st cause it’s easy and it goes really quickly. And you have to focus enough to not get bored). It’s really comfortable and stylish and the open lace st makes it so that you can wear it in the summer time.

Jennifer’s lime is out of Tilli Tomas Rock star, and in the picture on the front of the pattern (below) it is knit out of pink Disco Lights. It can really be knit with whatever yarn you want. I’m just partial to Tilli Tomas. The pattern is available for download on my website so be sure to have a look.


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