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I recently made a fascinator for my mom’s bear. I used a really tiny piece of felted wool cut in the shape of a circle for the base, a really tiny dogwood flower, and a bit of veiling. I sewed the veiling to the felt and glued on the flower. Then, after all of that was done, I glued on the crystals. I didn’t make it as elaborate as my other fascinators that are made for humans because it was a little difficult to work with such tininess, and also I didn’t have a lot of materials that were small enough.

When I made the bear it was supposed to be a boy because the pattern I used to make him called him Oliver. He came from The Knitted Teddy Bear, by Sandra Polley (great book – and I’ll be reviewing it and other books on my blog soon). The problem with that was my mom asked me to make him a dress. Then she asked me to make that pink angora sweater. And ,then I made this fascinator for him, and the whole time I’m doing all of this we are still calling him…him.

About two months ago I watched “The Bird Cage” starring Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, and Hank Azaria. I thought it was hilarious. The star of the show is Nathan Lane playing a drag queen named Starina. So, I’ve decided to name the bear Starina because he’s a cross dresser. I honestly think that it would have been easier to just stop calling the bear a he, or make it a little sweater so that it can actually be a boy, but my mom thinks that it is much more fun to have a cross dressing teddy bear.


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