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Bear Sweater

I knitted a tiny teddy bear for my mom this X-mas and she asked me to knit it a little sweater out of hot pink angora. I started the sweater, and it seemed like it was going to turn out pretty cute, but then when I got down to the arms I made the wrist too small (I was too comfortable to get off the couch and measure the stupid bear). Actually, I made the whole thing too small. The bear turned out to be rather fat for such a tiny bear. I think that I was enjoying the stuffing process a little too much:) So now I have to reknit the entire thing…I’m not looking forward to this because the angora is very fuzzy so I can’t really see my stitches and the yarn breaks easily, but alas, I promised my mom I would knit teddy a freakin’ sweater and I usually keep my word, so I guess I’ll do it.



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