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The Knotions Preview is up!

Check out my new Vortical Socks pattern in the preview and on Ravelry!


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Sock Trouble

My mom was working on knitting a sock (that I designed) this morning and was having more than a little difficulty in making it work (she is trying a new stitch). She was using some of her favorite expletives to express her frustration. I offered to help her and though she tried to explain what was wrong with the sock I didn’t really understand what she talking about because she was still… vexed. I offered to help her later. So later I was working on my computer and she was working on the sock again and she asked me what she was doing wrong and explained to me what it was she was trying to do. I finally figured out what it was she was doing and told her what she was supposed to be doing. The problem was one of those things that are really simple but kind of hard to manage at first. She then did what a lot of knitters do when they are helped by someone with their knitting, she got mad at ME! Me the one who helped her figure it out! Her reason was that I should have helped her earlier. Of course, she wasn’t really mad at me. She can never be mad at me for more than a few seconds: )

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My poor sock

I knitted one red sock. It wasn’t too bad… ok ok, it was terrible. It had more holes than swiss cheese after a day in a mouse house and it didn’t really fit right, but I was really quite proud of it. As soon as I finished it I took it to my mom who, by this time, had made plenty of socks of her own and I did a little fashion show of my first sock. My mom looked at the sock, said that it was cute, and then started tearing it out! What did she have against my sock?? Sure it had problems, but what first sock doesn’t? I have never tried to knit another sock because I can’t guarantee its safety against my vicious sock destroying mother!
I don’t think that I ever really got over it. I still to this day can’t bring myself to even cast on for a sock, especially with red yarn.

┬áThis is all that’s left of my sock.

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