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I wanted to show you some pics of my Rainbow Backpack made by knitters who bought my pattern. BTW anyone who would like to send me pics of their Phoenix Bess garments please do! I would love to see them.

I found Kim’s backpack photos on Ravelry. Kim made this out of Cascade 220 wool in colors Rust, Turquoise, Yellow, and Lime, and I think that they are great for this backpack. She got her yarn from WEBS.

I’m happy that she likes my design/pattern so much. You can read her comments here. : )

After Kim made the tube, she put off grafting it to the base because she was not sure that it would really work (I don’t blame her, when I was in the process of designing it, I had my doubts too) but after a year of it sitting around, she finally went ahead and grafted the two pieces (she said it did work out the way I designed it, and I’m very glad it did) and felted it.

Cute, huh? Way to go, Kim!


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How long has it been since my last post? Too long. Anyway….

It was a bit of a suprise for me to see how many people have knit the Diva Tunic! DoublePointedDiva (see her cute photos below) did a really good job with this one. To tell you the truth when I designed it, I really wasn’t sure if anyone would like it. Of course I designed it because I thought it would be great to have this garment, but it is always a plus for other people to enjoy it too: )

I really wanted to keep this garments simple and dramatic. The kind of garment that draws attention without begging for attention. I designed the armwarmers to give it a feeling of being an outfit, but the tunic looks great without them too.  

You can read DoublePointedDiva’s comments about knitting the Diva Tunic on her Ravelry page. She used Misti Alpaca Bulky to make it, and it’s really pretty. Don’t you think?

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