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Knitting becomes very difficult when kittens are attempting to run away with your yarn. These babies are lunatics. I was trying to get some knitting done and they both decided to amuse themselves with the Peace Fleece yarn (great stuff!) I was using. Rosie jumped in my lap and wrapped herself up in the yarn and Lavender was tugging on the yarn from the middle of the hank. The whole time I kept putting him on the floor and he would just pull himself back up to the table by climbing my leg! Meanwhile Rosie is almost asleep with yarn in her mouth.

Rosie is really too sweet a name for this little hellion: ) But when I named her I didn’t know that she would be so wild.

This is Rosie (Rosemary)

This is Lavie (Lavender)…

Lavie helping me knit (or at least he thinks that he’s helping)


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My knitting oops

I was going through a big box of garments that I knitted a long time ago, and I found a dog sweater. It was knitted with hot pink fun fur and a thick cotton yarn, so it was really fuzzy and really PINK (I’m not particularly fond of hot pink). It was a disaster. The icing on this incredibly ugly cake was a really big ruffle on the collar. My dog won’t wear it and I really don’t blame her.

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