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Coney Island, NY

Photos from my trip to Coney Island last year for a modeling job.


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Las year I went to NY city for a modeling job. I was modeling a bikini and other summer clothes on the Coney Island beach in the middle of November..it was crazy cold. While I was modeling one of the garments the stylist for the photo shoot noticed a woman down on the beach waving her arms around and skinny dipping. We all started laughing. It was hilarious.

NY is awesome. The shopping is great and the food is pretty good too. (I’ll show some photos when I get them off of my camera and on to my computer).

We drove up there and back. My brother and my dad were in trouble with my mom the whole way home because they left her favorite pillow at the hotel when they were packing up our stuff. My mom and I were at the set so she couldn’t over see all of the packing to make sure that nothing got left behind. She still hasn’t forgiven them.

My best friends live in Ithaca NY. I really want to visit them. We were going to visit them for New Years Eve, but my dad was kind of freaked over the weather. He is scared that we might run into a blizzard or we would be kidnapped by the Abominable snow man or yeti could steal our car or some other very serious and scary thing might happen: )… (I’m being sarcastic) we can’t go until the summer.


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