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I was just sitting here waiting for my little computer to load at an incredibly slow pace, and rolling a poem by Longfellow around in my head. My brother told it to me yesterday, and though I can’t remember it completely I think that it is very true and amazingly well written. Anyway, I was sitting there waiting for my computer to load, thinking of Longfellow, and I watched my dog sleep. And it occurred to me that she looks like a very old very cranky lady. I was half expecting her to lift a little eye glass to her eye and look down her nose at me. She is laying there with one ear tilting to the side and her eye brows furrowed like Colin Farrel looking as though she is thinking deeply about matters of great importance and I felt as though I were disturbing her intense reverie by pushing her off of my knitting bag. I would have felt bad about doing so had she not looked so funny with her face all rumpled. I was waiting for her to sit up and say, “How rude”. She is very talented when it comes to using those big sad Spaniel eyes to get what she wants and making you feel bad when you don’t give her what she wants. I am convinced that she practices when no one is watching.


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