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Vortical cover photo 2

Check out my new sock pattern called Vortical. It’s available on Knotions, Winter ’08 and features Socks That Rock Superwash sock yarn, plus instructions for making the socks in white Panda Cotton and painting them with Jacquard Dyes.



I first made Vortical in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, and I love the way the solid color shows off the 2 yarn over lace stitches – a different one for each leg and they both wrap around the leg!

Don’t be afraid to substitute your favorite yarn when you make Vortical.


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The Knotions Preview is up!

Check out my new Vortical Socks pattern in the preview and on Ravelry!

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I have some more news for everyone… but first I want to thank everyone for all of their great comments about my book. I appreciate them. I really can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Now for the cool new…Knotions, the new online knitting magazine has launched this morning! And, my new pants pattern, Casual Bootcut Pants, is in it. I’m pretty excited about these pants, they are different from any of my other pants. They are so comfortable, and I really think they can be worn almost everywhere. They are great for wearing around the house, running to town, and I was seriousely thinking about wearing them in my Argentine Tango lessons.

They are now one of my new favorite pants. Take a look at Knotions and my pants!

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I’m kind of excited about a new online pattern store and a new online knitting magazine. Thought I’d tell you a bit about them in case you haven’t seen them yet.

PATTERNFISH is an online pattern store that has over 939 patterns. The patterns range from old to new with a lot in between. They sell patterns from all over the world. Usually when I look for patterns online I can’t really see the designs because the photo is too small or whatever but on PATTERNFISH each garment that you click on comes up big enough to see detail and if that isn’t good enough there is a link that will bring the image up closer and clearer. PATTERNFISH has managed to give an extremely broad spectrum of variety on one site. My patterns are available for sale on PATTERNFISH now, so check it out! I’ve added photos you’ve never seen to some of the pattern descriptions, too.

The other new one that I wanted to tell you about is Knotions. An online magazine, it’s set to launch August 1st with the Fall ’08 Inaugural issue.

Knotions is about explaining knitting techniques, and it’s also about knitwear designs that are less about funky, interesting looking stitches and more about comfortable garments that look and feel great to wear. The editor’s goal is to give you all the information needed to make you a “smarter knitter.”

When submitting designs to Knotions you can send a proposal for the design instead of sending a complete submission so that the editor can then tell you if she would like to consider it for Knotions… saving the designer a lot of time and energy making a submission/making a garment when it might be rejected. I really like that feature since I make a lot of submissions and it’s helpful to know the design is in the right ballpark before I knit up the sample.

Knotions is also very interactive, readers can blog on Knotions about what they would like to see in a garment/what they would like to see more of. I can’t tell you everything about Knotions so you’re just gonna have to read it yourself. I have designed a garment that will be in the fall issue. My mom will also have an article that will accompany it. Can’t wait for you to see it!

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