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Here are some pics of the event at the Mathews Library…

Mathews Library Event
I was telling about the process of making the book and all of the work that goes into it.

It Girl Knits garments on display
We pinned up all of the book garments on these racks so that everyone could see them.

Chris crochets!
Chris crotchets, and he’s a wrestler… pretty cool.

Miss Rosalie Brown
Mrs. Rosalie Brown is the one who taught me how to knit.

Mr. Larry Brown
This is Mr. Larry Brown.

Mathews Library Event
My grandparents, Hank and Audrey Wright, are on the front row next to Mr. Larry and Miss Rosalie.

It Girl Knits garments on display
More of the book’s garments.


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The Bay Window

Here are some pics of another book signing at a cute little knitting shop in Irvington, VA called the Bay Window. It was a very successful day, and everyone had a good time. Once every month the Bay Window has a big birthday party for everyone who has a birthday in that month, and everyone brings food. The book signing was on this day and there were at one point in the day about 30 people there. It was pretty crazy…

It’s an adorable little place, and the owners, Candy and Mary are a lot of fun: )

Candy and Mary

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The Knitting Basket in Richmond, Virginia hosted my first book signing and trunk show on Saturday, October 25th. Quite a few people came and they were all very supportive and enthusiastic.

These are the owners, Kristin and Ute. They are both very sweet and made me feel very welcome. We all enjoyed the great food that they made (Kristin made an amazing pumpkin dip) for the event.

It was a great day and the book signing went very well.

Knitting Basket owners, Kristin and Ute

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The Knitting Basket in Richmond will be hosting a book signing for my book on October 25th. The Knitting Basket is a great yarn shop run by very nice people. You should come by and see us.

Some pics of the photo shoot for It Girl Knits:

This is the photographer, Dan Howell. He did an excellent job of making the garments and all of us look great. He sometimes had to roll around on the ground to get the perfect shot. This shot was taken late in the day, so Jessica and I were pretty cold. It was late October and very drizzly, too.

Jessica is wearing the Flirty Short Skirt, and I’m wearing the Baby Doll Top, both of which are from the book. The Flirty Short Skirt is made with South West Trading Company’s Bamboo, and it is unbelievably soft and drapey. I can’t wait for you to see it. The Baby Doll Top is also featured on the cover of the book.

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