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This is my Strawberry Milkshake hat. Actually, it’s a hat and glove set but I’m just going to talk about the hat today.

Now that it is  colder,  it is the perfect time to make this hat. It is very comfortable, made out of Tilli Tomas Aspen and Flurries, which has little beads strung on the yarn. The pattern is simple and the hat is very easy to knit. It is perfect as a quick-to-knit gift (maybe for Valentines).

If you are wanting this hat but don’t want to make it out of Tilli Tomas yarns, you can just substitute any yarn of the same gauge (worsted weight).  I also made a red one and a black one with some wool I found in my stash box. Then on another hat that I made with this pattern, I just followed the pattern but changed it a tiny bit. I kept on knitting the top (before the 2×2 rib) so that it was a lot taller, thus making a smurf hat.


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I finally got my hat pattern knitted, photographed, and on my website. The pattern is crazy simple and really easy to make so I hope you guys like it. It’s knit in the round in an easy lace st from the top down ending with a 2×2 rib.

It only takes one skein of Tilli Tomas embellished yarn, so it’s not expensive to make. You spend less on making it than you would buying one of those designer hats. It’s knitted out of Tilli Tomas Disco Lights. The yarn is perfect for this hat. Pliable enough to be positioned whatever way you want it but still has enough drape to fall beautifully. The sequins add depth and a little bit of flare to make it classic. And Disco Lights comes in great colors.

This pattern is available for download on my website

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