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My hats and fascinators can now be bought on my website as ready to wear garments. They are the same designs that are in my pattern line so now people have the option of knitting or purchasing them. I’m kind of excited about this because it means that I have a real line of accessories: )

I have a system to making Fascinators. First I get down all of my supplies, (my mom goes into super cleaning mode and puts everything up on shelves and random places – she says that the places aren’t random, but I can never find anything when she does things like that) and put everything on the table. I pour everything out of every box and let it sit there for a while. Then I come back, pick out everything that I think I might need and I clean everything up. Sometimes I just leave it all there while I’m working but if I do that I start going a little crazy because of the mess. I have a new fascinator that I’m working on right now and the one that I just finished is shown below. It’s called Lady Slipper.

This is somewhere in the middle of the process…

and this is the finished product. We haven’t photographed it on me yet, but I’m pretty happy with it. Visit my new online shop to see the Lady Slipper page.


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I recently made a fascinator for my mom’s bear. I used a really tiny piece of felted wool cut in the shape of a circle for the base, a really tiny dogwood flower, and a bit of veiling. I sewed the veiling to the felt and glued on the flower. Then, after all of that was done, I glued on the crystals. I didn’t make it as elaborate as my other fascinators that are made for humans because it was a little difficult to work with such tininess, and also I didn’t have a lot of materials that were small enough.

When I made the bear it was supposed to be a boy because the pattern I used to make him called him Oliver. He came from The Knitted Teddy Bear, by Sandra Polley (great book – and I’ll be reviewing it and other books on my blog soon). The problem with that was my mom asked me to make him a dress. Then she asked me to make that pink angora sweater. And ,then I made this fascinator for him, and the whole time I’m doing all of this we are still calling him…him.

About two months ago I watched “The Bird Cage” starring Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, and Hank Azaria. I thought it was hilarious. The star of the show is Nathan Lane playing a drag queen named Starina. So, I’ve decided to name the bear Starina because he’s a cross dresser. I honestly think that it would have been easier to just stop calling the bear a he, or make it a little sweater so that it can actually be a boy, but my mom thinks that it is much more fun to have a cross dressing teddy bear.

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There is a Michael’s craft store about an hour from where I live that has almost everything you could need. This place is pretty cool. Yesterday I was I was in there looking at some silk flowers to put on my Fascinators. When I went in the store I was very sure that I would only buy a few flowers, and only the ones I needed. Well, that didn’t exactly work.

I left the store with enough spring flowers to last me till winter. I only needed three or four and now I have a bouquet! They’re all really pretty though : )

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