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This morning I got up and found Rosie and Lavie on the kitchen counter asleep in a cast iron pot (I couldn’t get pictures because they don’t stay put long enough). Cats have a weird idea of what is a comfortable place to sleep. Until these new cats joined the family I never really understood the whole “cat chasing a ball of yarn” thing ’cause my other cats never really seemed to be interested in yarn all that much… I get it now. It seems like they can’t control themselves when they see yarn (honestly, I don’t think they really try very hard). They play with/attack it until they get tired and fall asleep. Lazy little babies.

We were in the studio a couple of days ago working on something when I heard the printer making strange noises. Rosie was apparently trying to scan something. The monitor had several windows open and was asking if she wanted to scan anything else, meanwhile she ran to the kitchen to hide with a somewhat guilty look on her face. I now call her my little secretary. And then a while later Panda (my brother’s cat) got on the key board of another computer where my mom had been working on my website, and started making changes to the page she had up. The computer was asking him if he would like to save the changes he had made.

Apparently he wants to be a graphic designer. He’s trying to put my mom out of job: )


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