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Simply Sublime Bags: 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew Projects

By Jodi Kahn

Potter Craft


With the exception of a few of the somewhat strange bags made out of caution tape and packing tape, I have to say that the bags in this book are practical and innovative. I don’t remember ever seeing a craft book that is this interesting. I do think, however, that the author got a bit carried away with duct tape, hardware supplies, and staple guns, and I’m almost certain that see-through clutches with Wonder Woman decals went out a long time ago. But all of these little oddities just add to the easy feeling of this book.

I made one of the bags (I’ll post pics later), and I’m starting on another. They really are as easy to make as Jodi says. She gives enough instruction to know how to do it and still be able to create your own version using her technical guidelines. Cute copy and and a lot of colorful photos makes it a pleasure to read. Most of the bags can be made in a day or less. The materials used are all unique, ranging from shower curtains to pillow cases… and almost all of them resulting in stylish, different and all together fun bags.


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Knit.101: The Indispensable Self-Help Guide to Knitting and Crochet (Vogue Knitting)


Soho Publishing

By the Editors of Knit.1 Magazine

160 pages, $17.95

Knit.101 is a very usefull book with a young and fresh feeling. Anyone who wants to learn what they need to know to start knitting and crocheting while being entertained should get this book.

This book has great colors and bright energetic pictures. The garments are kind of strange and and fun but they are not the focus of the book. Knit.101 tells you what you need so that you won’t buy unnecessary things. It also teaches you simple stitches and techniques that are interesting and motivating.

Knit.101 has instructions for learning: Knit, Purl, Textured Stitches, Increases and Decreases, Yarn Overs, Cables, Color work, Sizing and Construction, and more. They teach crochet in a way that makes it easy. It has, Starter Stitches, half Double, Double and Treble Crochet, Increasing and Decreasing, Medallions, Joining, Striping, and Seaming, it also has Finishes and Buttonholes.

There is quite a bit more in this book than it seems.

I’ve been stalling a little bit on really learning how to crochet but I think that I will use this book to learn. MY mom is crazy over it. I wasn’t really going to look at it because I thought that it would be just another one of those silly books, but it’s a cute book.

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