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My hats and fascinators can now be bought on my website as ready to wear garments. They are the same designs that are in my pattern line so now people have the option of knitting or purchasing them. I’m kind of excited about this because it means that I have a real line of accessories: )

I have a system to making Fascinators. First I get down all of my supplies, (my mom goes into super cleaning mode and puts everything up on shelves and random places – she says that the places aren’t random, but I can never find anything when she does things like that) and put everything on the table. I pour everything out of every box and let it sit there for a while. Then I come back, pick out everything that I think I might need and I clean everything up. Sometimes I just leave it all there while I’m working but if I do that I start going a little crazy because of the mess. I have a new fascinator that I’m working on right now and the one that I just finished is shown below. It’s called Lady Slipper.

This is somewhere in the middle of the process…

and this is the finished product. We haven’t photographed it on me yet, but I’m pretty happy with it. Visit my new online shop to see the Lady Slipper page.


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