This is my Strawberry Milkshake hat. Actually, it’s a hat and glove set but I’m just going to talk about the hat today.

Now that it is  colder,  it is the perfect time to make this hat. It is very comfortable, made out of Tilli Tomas Aspen and Flurries, which has little beads strung on the yarn. The pattern is simple and the hat is very easy to knit. It is perfect as a quick-to-knit gift (maybe for Valentines).

If you are wanting this hat but don’t want to make it out of Tilli Tomas yarns, you can just substitute any yarn of the same gauge (worsted weight).  I also made a red one and a black one with some wool I found in my stash box. Then on another hat that I made with this pattern, I just followed the pattern but changed it a tiny bit. I kept on knitting the top (before the 2×2 rib) so that it was a lot taller, thus making a smurf hat.


On the 7th I had a book signing at Ewe Knit Kits  in Virginia Beach, VA. This is a very nice shop with really nice people and a great selection of yarns. A lot of people came. I think that there were almost more people to this one than some of the other ones. Bobbi, the owner is very nice and accommodating. The set-up she had for me to display my trunk show was huge, and there was plenty of room for knitters to look at everything. My hand began to hurt after a while from all of the signing: )

These are photos of the event:

In this one I was signing a book for this lady and her daughter while they looked through my pattern book.

In between signing books I taught these two ladies, Wanda and her friend how to do magic loop. Wanda is a crochet designer, and she’s learning to knit.

Ewe Knit Kits

I suggested she learn magic loop instead of using double pointed needles.

They were pretty excited about learning magic loop…

They all seemed to really like the boots…

This is what part of the display looked like.


Vortical cover photo 2

Check out my new sock pattern called Vortical. It’s available on Knotions, Winter ’08 and features Socks That Rock Superwash sock yarn, plus instructions for making the socks in white Panda Cotton and painting them with Jacquard Dyes.



I first made Vortical in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, and I love the way the solid color shows off the 2 yarn over lace stitches – a different one for each leg and they both wrap around the leg!

Don’t be afraid to substitute your favorite yarn when you make Vortical.

More Fashion Show

My aunts, Jennifer and Heather came to the Fashion show. Aunt Heather drove two hours to get there and Aunt Jennifer came an hour and a half to see both me and my work in the show, and they stayed from 1:00 – 8:00. They both most definitely won the Best Aunt Award: ) I was really glad they were able to make it to the show.

Blessing Leji interviewed me for Teen News Now, and this was taken of me on my way back to the dressing rooms after talking to my aunts. Teen News Now is a television show that is produced and hosted by teens, and it airs in the Hampton Roads to North Carolina area.

VA Fashion Week

I’ve got pictures from Virginia Fashion Week. I showed ten garments in the show as a designer, and I modeled for other designers.  I can’t show you the pics of my collection yet because I haven’t gotten them from the photographers yet, so until then…

Here are some pics of me and my friends back stage at the show.

Johnathan Kayne

I modeled for Johnathan Kayne. He was on Project Runway‘s 3rd season.

All of his dresses were a size 8, so Kayne had to pin the waist to fit me.

This is Kayne’s line of dresses.

Here I was modeling for another designer, Dee’s Couture.

Here are some pics of the event at the Mathews Library…

Mathews Library Event
I was telling about the process of making the book and all of the work that goes into it.

It Girl Knits garments on display
We pinned up all of the book garments on these racks so that everyone could see them.

Chris crochets!
Chris crotchets, and he’s a wrestler… pretty cool.

Miss Rosalie Brown
Mrs. Rosalie Brown is the one who taught me how to knit.

Mr. Larry Brown
This is Mr. Larry Brown.

Mathews Library Event
My grandparents, Hank and Audrey Wright, are on the front row next to Mr. Larry and Miss Rosalie.

It Girl Knits garments on display
More of the book’s garments.

More pics

Here are some more pics from my October 27th book signing at the Knitting Basket…

Trunk Show

The Bay Window ladies helped us so much last summer, and they really turned out to see my finished book.

Signing Betty Lee's book

While Betty Lee looked at the boots, I signed her book.


Stacy is Betty Lee’s daughter, and she bought a copy of It Girl Knits to send to her friend in Australia who has a teenage daughter who is tall and thin.