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I wanted to show you some pics of my Rainbow Backpack made by knitters who bought my pattern. BTW anyone who would like to send me pics of their Phoenix Bess garments please do! I would love to see them.

I found Kim’s backpack photos on Ravelry. Kim made this out of Cascade 220 wool in colors Rust, Turquoise, Yellow, and Lime, and I think that they are great for this backpack. She got her yarn from WEBS.

I’m happy that she likes my design/pattern so much. You can read her comments here. : )

After Kim made the tube, she put off grafting it to the base because she was not sure that it would really work (I don’t blame her, when I was in the process of designing it, I had my doubts too) but after a year of it sitting around, she finally went ahead and grafted the two pieces (she said it did work out the way I designed it, and I’m very glad it did) and felted it.

Cute, huh? Way to go, Kim!


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The Knitting Basket in Richmond will be hosting a book signing for my book on October 25th. The Knitting Basket is a great yarn shop run by very nice people. You should come by and see us.

Some pics of the photo shoot for It Girl Knits:

This is the photographer, Dan Howell. He did an excellent job of making the garments and all of us look great. He sometimes had to roll around on the ground to get the perfect shot. This shot was taken late in the day, so Jessica and I were pretty cold. It was late October and very drizzly, too.

Jessica is wearing the Flirty Short Skirt, and I’m wearing the Baby Doll Top, both of which are from the book. The Flirty Short Skirt is made with South West Trading Company’s Bamboo, and it is unbelievably soft and drapey. I can’t wait for you to see it. The Baby Doll Top is also featured on the cover of the book.

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The Yarn Lover’s Guide to Hand Dyeing: Beautiful Color and Simple Knits

Linda La Belle

Potter Craft, 30.00

When I started working on my holiday Knotions submission (which involves a bit of dyeing) I was at first a bit worried about dyeing the project because until then I hadn’t ever dyed anything. But The Yarn Lover’s Guide to Hand Dyeing made it easy for my mom and I to figure out exactly how to do it. This book tells you almost everything you need to know to do your own dyeing.

It’s written instructions are interesting and detailed and the pictures are colorful and bright. It is obvious that the author, Linda La Belle, put a lot of time and attention into this book, making a pleasure to read. She gives you several different ways to dye, ranging from Kool-aid to acid dyes. And on so many varieties of fibers! With this book you can create your own unique and exciting colorway on almost any yarn.

There are also interviews with many hand dyers, spinners, and designers expounding on the joys of dyeing your own yarn and/or projects, making you feel as thought you are getting a lot more out of this book than just dyeing instructions and patterns. All of the designs have a very earthy, easy feeling and most of them are quite pretty. And, in case you don’t want to dye the designs in the book, there are directions on each pattern telling you where you can buy yarn that will looks similar to the hand dyed yarn.

As for my Knotions Holiday submission, I’m very pleased to say it was accepted! I can’t tell you much about it other than the fact that this book was a huge help as I worked it out, and I think you’ll love it. Can’t wait for you to see it.

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A bit about my book

How long has it been since my last post? Anyway…

I have recently received questions from people about the sizing in my book, asking me if there are sizes small enough to accommodate petite women and tween/teen girls. I can relate to this because when I first started knitting I couldn’t find knitting patterns that had sizes small enough to fit me and I didn’t know how to/ was too lazy to modify the pattern. I was very careful to give a fair range of sizes in my book, Both tiny and bigger girls can make the designs in It Girl Knits. I made sure that the designs would work for a girl of almost any size…most patterns are sized 30-42 for tops (bust) and pants (hips).

I have also had women ask me about the sizes on my patterns. If you’d like to know what the sizes are for all of my patterns, you can go to PATTERNFISH. They list in detail the sizes for each of my patterns, both sizes and measurements. Also, my mom is going to add the sizes/measurements to every pattern page on my website and she is going to add the sizes/measurements to my patterns on Ravelry, too.

I am working on expanding the sizes for all of my designs to accommodate the more curvaceous women so that everyone can knit my designs without having to worry about modifying the pattern. If you would like to let me know how you prefer to see expanded size ranges in patterns, please do. Two versions so you can pick the 0ne that suits you, or all 10 sizes on one pattern?

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