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Simply Sublime Bags: 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew Projects

By Jodi Kahn

Potter Craft


With the exception of a few of the somewhat strange bags made out of caution tape and packing tape, I have to say that the bags in this book are practical and innovative. I don’t remember ever seeing a craft book that is this interesting. I do think, however, that the author got a bit carried away with duct tape, hardware supplies, and staple guns, and I’m almost certain that see-through clutches with Wonder Woman decals went out a long time ago. But all of these little oddities just add to the easy feeling of this book.

I made one of the bags (I’ll post pics later), and I’m starting on another. They really are as easy to make as Jodi says. She gives enough instruction to know how to do it and still be able to create your own version using her technical guidelines. Cute copy and and a lot of colorful photos makes it a pleasure to read. Most of the bags can be made in a day or less. The materials used are all unique, ranging from shower curtains to pillow cases… and almost all of them resulting in stylish, different and all together fun bags.


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I have some more news for everyone… but first I want to thank everyone for all of their great comments about my book. I appreciate them. I really can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Now for the cool new…Knotions, the new online knitting magazine has launched this morning! And, my new pants pattern, Casual Bootcut Pants, is in it. I’m pretty excited about these pants, they are different from any of my other pants. They are so comfortable, and I really think they can be worn almost everywhere. They are great for wearing around the house, running to town, and I was seriousely thinking about wearing them in my Argentine Tango lessons.

They are now one of my new favorite pants. Take a look at Knotions and my pants!

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My book, It Girl Knits

My new book, It Girl Knits: 30 Fresh Styles for the Young and Fabulous is scheduled to come out on October 14th.

I haven’t been allowed to tell you about my book (publisher’s orders) so I’m kind of excited about finally getting to talk about it. I made it last summer (with a lot of help from my mom), working on it all day, everyday, and I’m pretty pleased with the book. Once we finished making the garments, I had to go to NYC to model in it. I showed the pics of the Coney Island modeling job, I just didn’t tell you that I was modeling for my own book. The two other models working the same two days that I was were really sweet and did a really good job (despite the fact that we were all freezing).

For every design in this book I hand picked the best yarn I could find. For the most part the designs are made from natural fibers (with the except of course for the things like swim suits.. I’m sorry I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of a dog hair bikini) and for the ones that aren’t out of a natural fiber I found the softest yarns possible to give both style and fashion without being uncomfortable (you wouldn’t believe how many matallic yarns I interviewed that felt as though they would be better in the kitchen as a scrub brush rather than something you would wear).

It has 30 designs, all of them are easy and quick to make. These designs are different from any other knitting book; I made garments that area really wearable from day to day. They are functional but still fashionable. They range from skirts, swim suits, and ponchos, to little dresses (both for day time and evening), halter tops and shorts sets, baby doll tops, shrugs, a glittery matallic evening top and mini skirt, and felted boots, bags, and headbands (there is a lot more but I can’t list everything, I’d be writing all night you’ll just have to see for your self when it comes out). The bathing suits will not fall off or get really heavy when wet. I put a lot of time into making sure that no one who swims in them will have a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment… or worse.

I’ll tell you more about my book soon!

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