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Lime & Violet The Daily Chum (their blog is really lovely) reviewed my Diamante Clutch pattern today! They say in the review everything that I had hoped people would feel about this design/pattern. I’m really glad they like my designs: ) Take a look at their blog… it’s adorable.

I think that this might actually be the first official review of my work: ) See their lovely post here.

Lime & Violet The Daily Chum


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Here is another new pattern for you. The Diamante Clutch.

I originally designed it to go with the Glamour Girl Ensemble, but I had to instead make it a pattern by itself. The clutch is made out of Tilli Tomas Mogul, a beaded feltable wool (you can use almost any feltable wool to substitute). A single crochet trim around the top edge and a zippered closer finishes it nicely. It holds just the essentials with style and class.

I did a lot of experimenting when making this clutch. I tried a lot of different sts at the top edge to finish it off but it seemed that a crochet trim was what it was wanting. In the end, after a lot of failed attempts, I achieved the look I was going for. I’m actually quite happy with it. It’s one of my easiest patterns and it looks really great with a cocktail dress, evening gown, or the perfect little black dress. It’s such a simple pattern that telling you the construction and how it’s made would defeat the purpose of selling it: )

And of course it’s available for download on my website (all my downloads are Ravelry downloads – but you don’t have to be a Ravelry member to buy).

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This morning I got up and found Rosie and Lavie on the kitchen counter asleep in a cast iron pot (I couldn’t get pictures because they don’t stay put long enough). Cats have a weird idea of what is a comfortable place to sleep. Until these new cats joined the family I never really understood the whole “cat chasing a ball of yarn” thing ’cause my other cats never really seemed to be interested in yarn all that much… I get it now. It seems like they can’t control themselves when they see yarn (honestly, I don’t think they really try very hard). They play with/attack it until they get tired and fall asleep. Lazy little babies.

We were in the studio a couple of days ago working on something when I heard the printer making strange noises. Rosie was apparently trying to scan something. The monitor had several windows open and was asking if she wanted to scan anything else, meanwhile she ran to the kitchen to hide with a somewhat guilty look on her face. I now call her my little secretary. And then a while later Panda (my brother’s cat) got on the key board of another computer where my mom had been working on my website, and started making changes to the page she had up. The computer was asking him if he would like to save the changes he had made.

Apparently he wants to be a graphic designer. He’s trying to put my mom out of job: )

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Knitting becomes very difficult when kittens are attempting to run away with your yarn. These babies are lunatics. I was trying to get some knitting done and they both decided to amuse themselves with the Peace Fleece yarn (great stuff!) I was using. Rosie jumped in my lap and wrapped herself up in the yarn and Lavender was tugging on the yarn from the middle of the hank. The whole time I kept putting him on the floor and he would just pull himself back up to the table by climbing my leg! Meanwhile Rosie is almost asleep with yarn in her mouth.

Rosie is really too sweet a name for this little hellion: ) But when I named her I didn’t know that she would be so wild.

This is Rosie (Rosemary)

This is Lavie (Lavender)…

Lavie helping me knit (or at least he thinks that he’s helping)

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My hats and fascinators can now be bought on my website as ready to wear garments. They are the same designs that are in my pattern line so now people have the option of knitting or purchasing them. I’m kind of excited about this because it means that I have a real line of accessories: )

I have a system to making Fascinators. First I get down all of my supplies, (my mom goes into super cleaning mode and puts everything up on shelves and random places – she says that the places aren’t random, but I can never find anything when she does things like that) and put everything on the table. I pour everything out of every box and let it sit there for a while. Then I come back, pick out everything that I think I might need and I clean everything up. Sometimes I just leave it all there while I’m working but if I do that I start going a little crazy because of the mess. I have a new fascinator that I’m working on right now and the one that I just finished is shown below. It’s called Lady Slipper.

This is somewhere in the middle of the process…

and this is the finished product. We haven’t photographed it on me yet, but I’m pretty happy with it. Visit my new online shop to see the Lady Slipper page.

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Knit.101: The Indispensable Self-Help Guide to Knitting and Crochet (Vogue Knitting)


Soho Publishing

By the Editors of Knit.1 Magazine

160 pages, $17.95

Knit.101 is a very usefull book with a young and fresh feeling. Anyone who wants to learn what they need to know to start knitting and crocheting while being entertained should get this book.

This book has great colors and bright energetic pictures. The garments are kind of strange and and fun but they are not the focus of the book. Knit.101 tells you what you need so that you won’t buy unnecessary things. It also teaches you simple stitches and techniques that are interesting and motivating.

Knit.101 has instructions for learning: Knit, Purl, Textured Stitches, Increases and Decreases, Yarn Overs, Cables, Color work, Sizing and Construction, and more. They teach crochet in a way that makes it easy. It has, Starter Stitches, half Double, Double and Treble Crochet, Increasing and Decreasing, Medallions, Joining, Striping, and Seaming, it also has Finishes and Buttonholes.

There is quite a bit more in this book than it seems.

I’ve been stalling a little bit on really learning how to crochet but I think that I will use this book to learn. MY mom is crazy over it. I wasn’t really going to look at it because I thought that it would be just another one of those silly books, but it’s a cute book.

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Rosa Skullcap Pattern

In February my aunt, Jennifer helped out at my photo shoot for a bunch of my new hats, gloves, and things. It was cold and she held up Mom’s super fancy light reflector (the top to a Rubbermaid storage box) while we tried to get the right light to show off the beads on the hats. As kind of a “thank you” for helping I made her the Rosa Skullcap in one of her favorite colors – Lime Green… really bright lime green.

Here it is in the middle of being knitted. I worked it on a long circular needle using Magic Loop and then when there were enough stitches, I slipped the stitches to a 16″ circular to work the lace stitch.

We gave it to her for her birthday when we were driving to Staunton for my cousin’s wedding. We were in the drivethrough line at McDonald’s getting breakfast and my aunt was in the car following us, and my mom made me get out of the car to take the hat to Jennifer. It was all great fun. After we gave the hat to her we realized that we needed to photograph it, so we made her give it back for the photo shoot in March. Here it is finished and photographed…

Now I really ought to tell you how it’s made. It’s similar to my Francis Beret pattern in that it is knit from the top down in a lattice st (I’m really fond of this st cause it’s easy and it goes really quickly. And you have to focus enough to not get bored). It’s really comfortable and stylish and the open lace st makes it so that you can wear it in the summer time.

Jennifer’s lime is out of Tilli Tomas Rock star, and in the picture on the front of the pattern (below) it is knit out of pink Disco Lights. It can really be knit with whatever yarn you want. I’m just partial to Tilli Tomas. The pattern is available for download on my website so be sure to have a look.

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