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Bear Sweater

I knitted a tiny teddy bear for my mom this X-mas and she asked me to knit it a little sweater out of hot pink angora. I started the sweater, and it seemed like it was going to turn out pretty cute, but then when I got down to the arms I made the wrist too small (I was too comfortable to get off the couch and measure the stupid bear). Actually, I made the whole thing too small. The bear turned out to be rather fat for such a tiny bear. I think that I was enjoying the stuffing process a little too much:) So now I have to reknit the entire thing…I’m not looking forward to this because the angora is very fuzzy so I can’t really see my stitches and the yarn breaks easily, but alas, I promised my mom I would knit teddy a freakin’ sweater and I usually keep my word, so I guess I’ll do it.



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I designed a case for my Eee PC computer! I’m pretty excited about it. It’s blue and white and it matches my computer perfectly. We knit it out of Bernat Felting Natural Wool and now we have to felt it. After it’s done, I’m going to line it with fusable interfacing fabric.

Ya’ll can see it when I’m done.


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Coney Island, NY

Photos from my trip to Coney Island last year for a modeling job.

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People sometimes ask me if my mom is really the one who is designing my garments. I always tell them that of course she isn’t. I always tell them that if she were the one doing the designing, my garments would all be leopard print. : )

My mom is completely obsessed with leopard print. Personally, I don’t think it’s all that great. I mean, I like it, and I’ll wear it if it’s a garment that’s really amazing, but I wouldn’t buy something leopard print just because it’s leopard print. I do, however, think it would be awesome to own an actual leopard!

Mom knitting with her leopard print needles

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My mom’s yarn stash

It used to seem like my mom collected yarn the way a cat collects fleas. Ok, ok, maybe that’s overstating it a little bit, but let’s just say she bought a lot of yarn.

She would buy it and put it all in giant Rubber Made boxes. We now have 5 of these. She is the type of knitter who will buy yarn just because it’s pretty and it might come in handy some day. I always thought that she was a bit crazy. I am the type of knitter who buys a specific amount of yarn for a specific project and only if I am sure that I will actually make said project. It is, however, kind of nice to have all this yarn lying around that I can use if I ever feel so inclined, so I suppose I have my mom to thank for garments I made using yarn from her stash. Well, she says that I should thank her for collecting all of those fleas – oops – I mean all that yarn.

But, I say that I shouldn’t because if the yarn wasn’t lying around I wouldn’t use it and I would be perfectly happy with my own way of purchasing yarn… It’s complicated.

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My poor sock

I knitted one red sock. It wasn’t too bad… ok ok, it was terrible. It had more holes than swiss cheese after a day in a mouse house and it didn’t really fit right, but I was really quite proud of it. As soon as I finished it I took it to my mom who, by this time, had made plenty of socks of her own and I did a little fashion show of my first sock. My mom looked at the sock, said that it was cute, and then started tearing it out! What did she have against my sock?? Sure it had problems, but what first sock doesn’t? I have never tried to knit another sock because I can’t guarantee its safety against my vicious sock destroying mother!
I don’t think that I ever really got over it. I still to this day can’t bring myself to even cast on for a sock, especially with red yarn.

 This is all that’s left of my sock.

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